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Prices of scuba diving courses, snorkelling excursions of the center Dive4earth in Terrasini.
Average dive time: 1 hour/ bottle charged at 220 bars/ max 5 divers

Airport pick up service

Boat excursion / snorkeling

- half day

- half day with discover scuba diving

- half night

Discover scuba diving

Fun dive*

- pack 5 dives

Night Dive / deep -45m / drift 90min

Refresh exercices

  42 euros

110 euros

  80 euros

  80 euros

  42 euros

190 euros

  55 euros

  10 euros

Contact us for inquires regarding courses and specialities 
(Open water -18m, Advanced -30 m, Deep -39m, -45m, Underwater photography, Ocean Guardian, Rescue, BLS, Air supplier, Nitrox, Dry suit, Hovering, Navigation, Night...)


Complete equipment (without torch and computer)



Wetsuit 5mm/7mm/2,5mm


Fins/Boots 3mm/5mm 



Photo/video camera (snorkelling)

Additional passenger
Private boat / day

   23 euros     

     8 euros                        

     8 euros       

  8/5 euros                       

     5 euros           

     5 euros

     8 euros

     8 euros

    15 euros

    15 euros

  500 euros

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